Phil The Tip Jar

What does a crystal cow, a flying espresso maker, a cartoon lady, and the leaning tower of Pisa have to do with increasing my tip income? Read on...

Many people in the service industry rely on income from gratuities for their livelihood. Finding a way to increase tips will lead directly to a better quality of life. One key method to increase tips is to remind your clients to tip in a humorous way. On this site, you will find stickers for tip jars and buttons with humorous sayings. These sayings will not be suitable for every situation. However, if you work in a mom and pop corner bakery/coffee house with a tip jar, items with these humorous sayings may be a good way to increase tips and motivate employees. They may also be suitable for shuttle bus drivers, ski instructors, tour guides, street performers, baristas, or any other profession where tips cannot always be assumed.
General advice is offered to increase tips, as well as specific advice for waiters, waitresses, and servers, delivery drivers, shuttle bus drivers, and baristas. If the sayings on the tip jar stickers and buttons for sale on this site are not suitable for your situation, hopefully you will be able to use some of our "tip improving" advice to increase your income from gratuities.
Good luck to all!